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Watch My Budget is software to Visualise, Plan and Track your money including debts and assets: Setup a time-varying seasonal budget that realistically forecasts payments and account balances. Visualise any part of your finances over the next year or so with graphs and statistics, customise the categories provided in the templates, set the currency, calculate debt repayments. Using pay periods based on income payments, manage the cash flow in upcoming pay periods via an integrated cash flow spreadsheet and print reports to help you follow the budget. Quickly investigate alternative budgets by switching items on and off or setting up scenarios. You may also track past finances, either manually or more efficiently by importing from internet banking - setup import rules and category types to automate the matching of bank payments and calculation of carry overs. With the historic data, visualise past finances and whether you followed the budget at that time. Use historic data to review the current situation - warn of overdue payments plus upcoming payments that need to be arranged, show available carry over amounts or amounts overspent. Efficiently revise the budget based on average or most recent historic payments in each category, for improved forecasts. Manage cash as it is withdrawn and spent. Print budgets, forecast and actual payment reports, debt list, balance sheet, cash flow, payment lists. Customise how much functionality is shown. Also useful as a (free) tool for Budget Advisors to use with clients.

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